Line editing

Let’s fine tune your story

Dialogue, repetition and syntax

It’s time to dig into the nitty gritty! Often called a copyedit or a full edit, line editing looks at the use of language in your manuscript and how it propels the story along with the aim to improve tone, flow, clarity and narrative.

I’ll suggest changes on a line by line basis, rewrite sentences that feel clunky or confused and tidy up your narrative while providing comments and suggestions on areas for improvement. Throughout the manuscript, I’ll also leave comments and questions on where you may need to make changes.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Take a look below.

What is line editing?

Line editing is a phase of editing that looks at the language of a manuscript on a line by line basis. The purpose is to fix issues with dialogue, narrative, clarity, repetition and sentence syntax. This type of editing is aimed at tidying up your story ready for the final phase before publication.

At what stage should I consider line editing?

Line editing should happen after a developmental edit. It’s the final major edit of a manuscript and should be used to tidy up smaller changes such as sentence structure and word choice. This comes before proofreading.

How much does line editing cost?

Rates vary depending on the project. Generally -speaking, I charge £7-9 (US$9-12) per 1,000 words. This includes a single read through of the manuscript and a separate document with notes and comments.

What is the difference between developmental editing and line editing?

Developmental editing focuses solely on structural elements of your book while line editing will dig into the nitty gritty line by line.

Do you provide a sample edit?

Yes! Please send me the first 5 pages/1,000 words for a free sample edit.

What regions do you cover?

I’ve worked on projects from all over the world, including the USA, Australia and Europe.

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